Out of exclusively original writings and speeches of Professor Yunus.

Part 1 The Challenge

1 The most Powerful Young Generation

2  World Outlook

3  Wealth Acts Like a Magnet

Part 2 Human Beings

4  Every Single Human Being has the Power to Change the World

5  Dreams are made out of Impossibles

6  Transforming our Thinking

7  Preparing a Wish List

Part 3 Redesigning the Economic System

8       Redesigning the Economic Engine

8.1.   The Concept of Social Business

I     Human Beings are not Single-Dimensional

II    A Real Person

III   Profit-Maximizing Glasses and Social Business Glasses

IV   Charity Money

V    The Giving Pledge

VI     Two Magnets—Implementing  Social Business in the Capital System, the System could equilibrate

VII    Social Business calls for Enormous Creativity

VIII   Imagine Big but Start Small

IX     No Problem is Too Big

8.2.   Human Beings Are Not Job-Seekers but Job Creators, Are Entrepreneurs

I    Reorientation in Education is crucial to unfold the Unlimited Creative Capacities of Humans

II   Imagination is the most Important Matter

III   How to Proceed in the Educational System

IV   The Power of Technology

V   The Millennium Development Goals —
A Road Map for 15 Years’ and 50 Years’ Destination

VI    The Sustainable Development Goals — A Global To-Do List

VII  Human Creativity Can be Channeled through Social Business

8.3. Making Banking and Financial Services Available to All

Part 4 Professor Yunus and His Main Life Work

9      Creation of Grameen Bank and Micro-Credit

10    Grameen America

11    Grameen China

12    Grameen Bank Replication Program

13     Social Businesses and Joint Ventures

14     Nobin (New) Equity Program

15     Yunus Social Business Centres YSBCs

16     A World of Three Zeros—Where You put your Attention to Grows

Part 5 Encouragement

17    The Power of the Individual Person is the Magic

18    Encouragement to Dream Big Dreams

19    The Limits to Consumption

20    The Unlimited Pleasure of Doing  Good — To Touch the Life of others Has a Multiplier Effect of Joy

21    Super, Super Happiness Glasses for the Years after 2030 — the 50 Years’ Perspective


1    The 3ZERO Club

2     The Seven Principles of Social Business

3     Prof. Muhammad Yunus’ Books




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