“The World Population and the money distribution. The Money Disparity that the bottom half of the world population is almost left out of the economic and financial system.”

“Wealth acts like a magnet. The biggest magnet naturally draws smaller magnets towards it. By contrast, poor people—people with no magnet—find it difficult to attract anything to them.”

“This is the world today.

But you can change the world.

We can describe the world of 2030 by preparing a wish list. This wish list will describe the kind of world we would like to create. That’s what we should prepare for.

We’ll have to believe in our wish list if we hope to make it come true.”

“I am convinced that profit maximization is not the only source of happiness in business. Business has been interpreted too narrowly in the existing framework. This interpretation is based on the assumption that a human being is a single-dimensional being. They are multi-dimensional beings with both selfishness and selflessness.

If you are a businessman, you have to wear profit-maximizing glasses all the time.

So there could be two businesses, a profit-making business and a social business, at the same time.”

“This means people will use two sets of eyeglasses: profit-maximizing glasses and social business glasses. This will bring a big change in the world. Profit-maximizing businessmen will be amazed to see how different the world looks once they take off the profit-maximizing glasses and wear the social business glasses. By looking at the world from two different perspectives, business decision-makers will be able to decide better, act better, and these decisions and actions will lead to a dramatically better world.”

“When we implement social business in our capitalist system, and make financial services available for all, no collateral needed, the system itself could equilibrate, could act like two magnets.”

“There is only a single use of Charity money. If you use the same amount of money to invest or open up a social business: the money could be used endlessly.”

“Imagine big, as big as you can but always start very small, as small as you can get.”

“Every problem can be cracked down – no problem is too big. Given then your creativity and the power of technology, the problem is solved.”

“We need to replace the assumption that human beings are jobseekers with the assumption that human beings are job givers, are entrepreneurs.

Everybody can be an entrepreneur. Everybody has a built-in capacity of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is natural to human beings. That’s how we began life on this planet.”

“The most important part lies within your imagination! You can create whatever you are able to imagine.

There are no limits to your imagination.

The fact that it is in your head, results in a good chance that it will happen. If we don’t imagine it, there is almost no chance that it will happen..”

“The Sustainable Development Goals, established by the United Nations present a complete vision for a better world that we can build by the target date of 2030. They provide a powerful agenda for the kind of changes we must bring about to guarantee our future.

Therefore the SDGs is our “Global To Do list”.”

“The almost 100 established worldwide Yunus Social Business Centres (YSBCs) at Universities.”

“There is a limit to consumption but there is an almost unknown pleasure to explore: The Unlimited Pleasure of Doing Good – To Touch the Life of Others has a Multiple Effect of Joy. Making money is happiness but making other people happy is super happiness.”

“Peter is now convinced that Professor Yunus is his idol – and if he succeeded – he will be able to do the same –  he is thrilled to imagine, to invent the Super, Super Happiness Glasses for the Years after 2030 – the 50 years perspective – when they have cracked the SDGs –  and concentrated of doing good – there must consequently come the golden era –  asking his final question – Professor Yunus concludes that it is absolutely possible, that there are no limits, it is up to them.”

And if you want to get into action and make your dreams come true, join the 3ZERO Club.

An initiative towards achieving the Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus’s vision of creating a world of three zeros – zero net carbon emission, zero wealth concentration for ending poverty, and zero unemployment by unleashing entrepreneurship in all.




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